Mountain Climber
June 2020 Climbing Area Update

Attention: Climbing is still closed until further notice. 

Check out our trail day event for this Saturday, June 20th at 9 am on Facebook.

Space is extremely limited so reserve your spot here ASAP.

We know you are all chomping at the bit to get out climbing and we are too, but we need to remember that we are still in a pandemic. COVID-19 has not disappeared and is still very much alive. Certain states are seeing a resurgence in the number of cases with some areas at a higher rate than before. But with your cooperation, COVID-19 has been on a steady decline within the NYS area and therefore many areas have been able to quickly advance from one reopening phase to the next. Because of this, reopening has shown its beautiful face on the horizon and could be a possibility for this year, but for now, climbing is still closed.

At this time the TCC asks for your continued cooperation in respecting area closures especially with some areas opening before others (Mohonk is opening on the 22nd while Minnewaska and Thacher remain closed). In the coming days if you visit Thacher Park you may notice cars parked along the cliff edge with caution tape around them and ropes extending over the clifftop. Do not worry, this is standard safety precautions taken by our volunteer development team!

Our volunteer development team has been cleared to conduct some route development work which includes checking bolts, making sure routes are clear of any obvious loose rock, and preparing the cliff for when we reopen. All vehicles used by our development team will have a little sign/poster saying they are conducting development work with permission from the Thacher Climbing Coalition on their windshield or other visible areas.

We want to emphasize that climbing is still closed until further notice and any vehicles, ropes, or climbers that you see are part of our volunteer development team. If you see one of the team members at the top of the cliff don’t be afraid to stop and say hello and thank them for all their hard work!

You can support the TCC’s efforts to improve and expand climbing at Thacher State Park by donating or becoming a member today.

If you do plan on visiting an area that is open, or is opening soon, make sure to follow all guidelines from Access Fund, CDC, and local health officials. More information about climbing-specific guidelines can be found here. Remember to respect all closure as not doing so jeopardizes future climbing access. As always, stay safe and keep hangboarding!